DS Interoperability LLC

We provide on-site Training services, please contact us.

OPC UA training can be as general or specific as needed.

Typical general training classes can include:

  • From OPC COM to OPC Unified Architecture
  • OPC UA Protocols
  • Data modeling with OPC UA
  • OPC UA Services for accessing the data model
  • OPC UA Security
  • Platform independent UA applications
  • Data Access in OPC UA
  • OPC UA State Machines
  • OPC UA Programs
  • Events in OPC UA
  • Alarms & Conditions
  • Historical Access

Managers presentations can include:

  • OPC Markets
  • OPC Collaborations

Other Topics routinely included:

  • Certification Overview
  • Developing Certification
  • Security Deep Dive
  • ISA95 OPC UA Information model
  • MDIS OPC UA Information Model

Toolkit Specific training, such as Unified Automation